4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Sound System Rental for Your Next Event

Planning an event may seem like a simple task, but it requires a lot of due diligence and consideration. One of the most important choices you need to make is renting audiovisual equipment. Since both video and audio play an integral role in creating an immersive experience, you must choose a sound system rental partner wisely. Considering all factors and choosing a reliable partner will be the first step to making your event a huge success. Thus, you should invest time in shortlisting the top rental companies and assess them properly.


Your rental partner will be responsible for providing and installing your sound system. So, you need to ensure they have experience in the field. An experienced company will be able to install and set up the system perfectly reducing the chances of any mishaps. If you are organizing an event, and thinking about hiring a rental company for a sound system, you should start by asking questions to determine their level of service. Listed below are four important questions that you must ask before hiring a sound system rental company for your next event.

Sound System Rental

What Equipment Will Be Perfect For My Event?


The first question you need to ask is about the equipment. Since every event is unique, so are its requirements. The required equipment will vary depending on the size of the venue, the scale of the event, and the number of people participating in it. If you plan on having a live band or DJ, then you will require additional equipment. So, when you are looking for the best sound system rental, start by discussing the specifics of your event.


Make sure you share all important information about your event and your expectations from the event. If you want more bass, the company will be able to add more equipment to accommodate your needs. Since they are the expert, and they are the ones providing the sound system, it is better to ask them about the perfect equipment. Start by sharing about your event, and what you expect from the standpoint of sound and visual experience. A trusted company will suggest the best equipment and will even show you their collection of systems that will be perfect for your event.


What Will Be The Procedure for Installation or Set-up?


This will automatically be the follow-up question after you have asked about the best equipment. You will be using their equipment at your event, this is why you need to ensure they have the necessary tools to transport and install them. Ask about their transportation methods, and whether they can get their equipment at the event site. After you are satisfied with their transportation methods, you should clear your doubts about installation.


Most sound system rental companies provide a team of technicians to install the system at your event. However, not all of them do a great job. Thus, their team must be experienced and possess the necessary skills to help you organize your event seamlessly. By asking them about their procedure, you will get a chance to assess their knowledge and level of expertise. If the team seems well-versed with their equipment and the latest technology they will be able to install the sound system optimally.

What Amount Do I Need to Deposit For Rental Equipment?


No rental company will give you their sound system without a deposit amount. You will be paying for their rental services, but the sound system rental company will also ask you to deposit a specified amount as security. This amount varies depending on the equipment you are renting. If you are renting heavy equipment for a large-scale event, then the deposit amount will be increased.


Thus, you must clear all of this in the beginning. Usually, the deposit amount is equivalent to the market price of the sound system. However, some companies may charge you more. This is why clearing this, in the beginning, will help you compare different rental services and choose the best ones for your event.


Sound System Rental

Will There Be Power Plugs and Backup Power?


The sound system will need the power to run. Thus, before hiring a company or partner, you need to ensure that your event venue has enough power to run the sound system you are renting. However, even if the venue has ample power to accommodate your sound system, you must be prepared for the worst. Thus, you should ask the sound system rental company if they offer power plugs or backup power equipment in case of an emergency.


A company providing power backup will be a better option. Since they will be able to provide a power supply even during the power cut. This way you will be able to create a seamless experience for your audience and ensure the event goes on even without power. If you are enlisting their service for a small event then Bluetooth speakers and systems will be fine. However, you will need backup generators with your sound system if you are organizing an event on a bigger scale.


Final Words


Hiring a sound system rental company will not be easy. But with the right questions, you will be able to assess their services and equipment to make the most out of your event. You will find several companies offering sound systems for rent, so it is crucial to do your research and choose the best one for your event. These questions will help you assess their capabilities and find the perfect rental solution for yourself. If you are looking for a trusted company to help you with the sound system, have a look at Sunset Events. We offer the best sound system rental services and our team is known for their experience and expertise. Browse our services from our website, or get in touch with our specialized team at +971 50 293 0038.