LED Screen Rental

led screen rental
The LED screen has become a must-have in every event. This technology has become an essential addition to every event. If you are planning an event adding a LED screen will have a positive impact — but buying a screen for a simple event can be very expensive. LED Screen Rental is the preferred solution. This way you will be able to add an integral piece of technology to your event, without spending a huge sum of money. Choosing the right LED Screen Rental is integral in taking advantage of the latest technology and making your event stand out. We at Sunset Events are a leading LED Screen Rental that can offer a range of products to choose from. We offer different types of LED screens, from 3.9mm to 2.5mm screens you can find everything with us. Our LED screens are IP65 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a splash. You can use these LED screens at a pool event as well.
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LED screens are made up of small light-emitting diodes. When a large amount of these diodes are placed in a matrix (or grid), you can create a screen. Sunset events have LED screens that come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny displays in wristwatches to massive displays used for stadium scoreboards and events.

LED screens come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one common component: light-emitting diodes. LED screens can be further divided into two categories: direct-view and video-wall displays. The direct-view LED screen is the most common. They are found in everything from small digital signage displays to large stadium scoreboards. Direct-view LED screens are made up of a matrix of LEDs that create images by shining light through a layer of pixels. Video-wall displays with Sunset events are made up of multiple direct-view panels that are combined to create a large, unified image.

LED screens consume a significant amount of power. This is why it’s important to consider the wattage of the screen when selecting an LED panel. You’ll also want to factor in the screen’s brightness and contrast levels, as they can affect power consumption. Make sure to choose Sunset events. We are capable of supporting your needs without draining more power than needed.

There are many benefits of large LED display rental. The most significant benefits are:
  • Large LED displays are bright and eye-catching, making them perfect for attracting attention and promoting your message or brand.
  • They are perfect for events, with Sunset events you can organize impeccable tradeshows and retail environments, where you can catch the attention of the audience.
  • They are lightweight and easy to set up.
  • They are energy efficient, so you can save on your power bills.

When it comes to renting an LED screen in Dubai, UAE, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, size is important. Sunset events can cover all your needs. Make sure to select the right size for your event and the space you have available. Secondly, be sure to consider brightness and contrast. The brighter the screen, the more visible it will be, even in daylight or bright indoor spaces.

The distance in millimeters between the center of one pixel and the center of the pixel adjacent to it is known as pixel pitch. The higher the pixel density, the higher the image resolution in a given area. Standing 10 feet away from a panel with a pixel pitch of 6.0 mm, a panel with a 4.1 mm pixel pitch will have a superior resolution and crispness. (This is why we only utilize a 4.1 mm pitch in all of our mobile LED screens.)

This entirely depends on the surface where you want to get your LED installed. The wall and the amount taken to drill will also be added to the total time. It can take up to 3 – 4 hours to properly set up the LED display screens.