6 Cool and Creative Ways to Use a Projector at Events

Projectors aren’t just meant for sharing your presentations or slideshows on the big screen. Nowadays, they have become multipurpose tools that can assist you in several ways.

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Let’s take a look at 6 cool and creative ways in which you can use a projector.


1. Making an Interactive Whiteboard


Interactive whiteboards are used widely in educational institutions. These display a computer screen that you can control using a unique marker or device. While these are not always affordable, what’s affordable is an interactive whiteboard made using a projector, a Wii remote, and an infrared LED light. You can find this setup at any good projector rental in Dubai, for example, Sunset Events Production.


2. Coordinating A Musical Laser Light Show


If you need some party vibes at your event, you can utilize a laser light show using a projector and a free open-source software called Music Beam. With the help of a projector rental in Dubai, you can rent the equipment and obtain the software to get the party started.

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3. Hosting a Gaming Lounge


Nowadays, gaming lounges are in high demand at events because they capture the attention of the younger crowd. You can set one up at your event by renting a projector and screen package from a reliable projector rental in Dubai. Add surround sound speakers, comfy seats, and some snacks to it, and you will be ready to provide the ideal gaming experience.

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4. An Information Radiator for The Guests


An information radiator is a stationary display that shows the readers relevant information, removing the need to ask for assistance from anyone else. These provide updates to the guests at an event regarding sessions, agendas, highlights, local information, etc. A good projector rental in Dubai can also provide you with a customized screen to show the information in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

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5. Creating a Seasonal Scene


Gone are the days when you had to rely on wallpaper to create a scene in the background. Now, you can project any scene, even animated, at your event using an LED projector and a DVD Player. A major advantage of using a projector to create a scene is that you can have 3D projections that are visible without any 3D glasses. Plus, their interactive nature is highly interesting for the audience.


You can rent affordable projectors with rear-projection screens from projector rentals in Dubai like Sunset Events Production.


6. Sharing Event-Related Social Media


In case you have a specific hashtag or trend going around online for your event, you can use a tool to aggregate the posts related to your events and then display them with the help of a projector. You can display these posts in a central area to create a buzz among the crowd regarding the event.


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