How to Get More Out of Your LED Screen Rental?

LEDs are one of the best display technologies available. It has a wide reach and can even attract the attention of the far seated audience. Hence, it is usually the preferred mode of display at huge galas, fancy concerts, sports events, etc.


But how do you determine which LED screen rental to go for? And how do you get the most out of it?


Well, here are a few tips that you can consider before opting to rent out an LED screen.


Choose the Right-sized LED Wall


LED screen walls can come in various sizes. Hence, depending upon the event and the audience you are catering to, you need to determine the size of your LED wall. Different types of events may require different sizes of LED walls. For example, a movie night LED wall is usually of a smaller size than the LED wall of a huge concert.

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It is best to choose an LED screen rental that can be easily moved from one place to the other. It can be great for sports tournaments and movie screening as they can be adjusted easily according to the audience.




LED walls are not used only for simple display purposes, they can also be used for advertising. You can promote your products on the LED walls for promotional purposes.


Give Attention to the Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch is the key factor that determines a person’s viewing distance from the screen. Hence, you need to choose the pixel pitch depending upon the size of the event and your audience. A large event will require a higher pixel pitch and vice versa.


Location of the Event


Getting an LED screen that can work well both indoors as well as outdoors can give you a great deal of flexibility. This way, if you have to shift your event from outdoors to indoors due to bad weather, you won’t have to think much about your display setup.


Clear Typography and Graphics


The last thing you would do after investing in an LED screen is for the graphics and the typography to be unclear to the audience. Hence, you need to coordinate the colours appearing on your LED screen in such a way that they stand out from their surroundings.


Installation and Removal


The installation and removal process for an LED screen will depend upon the kind of screen you have. It is always better to get an LED screen that can not only be set up quickly but can also be disassembled at a moment’s notice. Not only will this offer more mobility but will also be more affordable.

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LED Screen Rental in Dubai


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